I contacted C2C Escapes Travel to see if they would assist me with a road trip. They were so kind - I told them where I wanted to go and they gave me hotel options and activities for all the cities I suggested. I called them while on my trip to see if I could change a hotel, and they were able to get it done with no extra costs! Very professional and personable, will recommend C2C Escapes Travel to all my friends.



 Brenda is my go to girl, she has always been so happy to assist and I couldn't be happier with the great deals. Most recently in September my partner and myself were in the security line at the airport when my partner collapsed. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and ore luggage left with our flight. After calling the family, next I called Brenda (6AM on a Saturday) she picked right up. I went over everything with her and she quickly assured me not to worry she would take care of everything and for me to not worry about anything but my partner. As soon as we were told she could be released. I again call Brenda to see if we would be able to get on another flight and not miss our vacation, She had already been looking and had info ready for me! We got on a plane that day, rental car taken care of and Brenda had also done all of the leg work to get us a refund due to the medical emergency. I recommend C2C Escapes to everyone! Thank you Brenda! 




I enjoy calling and telling them where I want to go and when. I receive beautiful itinerary options. Flights, accommodations, and activities are included. Makes my vacation planning so easy and I always have a wonderful time